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Nathu La – A journey to an ancient silk route

While I was gulping down some delicious Momos at Gangtok’s MG Road, my phone started ringing. With some discomfort I picked it up and someone on the other side of the line asked me whether I was interested for a visit to Nathu-la in a couple of days time. The call was from our hotel’s travel desk and my answer was an instant ‘Yes’. I mean, does it make any sense to deny such an opportunity to visit one of the most exciting places of Sikkim? Stupid I would be called if I do so. Continue reading Nathu La – A journey to an ancient silk route

Pelling – An Elgin experience

There are times in this busy city life when we think of breaking free and run away to some far corners of this world, sit on a lazy chair doing nothing but admiring the beauty of a picturesque hill station, with a cup of hot coffee in hand.  Quite a dream, isn’t it? When I dreamed of something similar, the first destination that I thought of was Pelling. A small hill town located at the heights of west Sikkim offering a setting that one dreams of visiting someday after witnessing a similar place in a movie or a travel show. Continue reading Pelling – An Elgin experience

Chapora … Always Dil Chahta Hai

Evening time, away from the crowd, staring at the setting sun from an elevated distance, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the sun plunging into the sea in slow motion. A dream world isn’t it? Well, not for someone who is in Goa. Goa as a destination is not only about the beaches, night life, and food. It also has a variety of options for nature lovers. Now its up to you which one to go for. Continue reading Chapora … Always Dil Chahta Hai

Post 1:Travelarge – The journey begins

Post 1: Travelarge, The Journey begins

It has been somewhat different. Different dreams, different expectations, and different realities. All I was taught from childhood was to study hard, get the best degree, get your dream job, buy a home, get married, have kids, work even harder, retire with dignity. After that…. use your savings, enjoy your retired life,then…. BLANK. All over. Continue reading Post 1:Travelarge – The journey begins